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Choose an easier workday

In a workday where every minute counts, it's important to make time and space for what creates the most value.

✔︎ Get rid of excel sheets and multiple systems for order management, route planning and accounting
✔︎ Reduce typing when invoicing
✔︎ Replace manual driver work with digital waybills - without hassle for any of you
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Get yourself a digital sidekick

Eliminate duplication, checks and controls with DORA. We'll give you a better workflow with less typing.

✔︎ Quick dispatching with shortcuts, templates and drag 'n drop
✔︎ Digital archiving of PODs and files
✔︎ Integrations to your bookkeeping system
✔︎ Trailer overview with status of current transports
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Get started in 5 min.

✔︎ Fixed low monthly license with no extra fees or transaction costs
✔︎ Simple and intuitive design

DORA supports you in making the best decisions during the workday - faster than before.


DORA is subscription-based and the price per month depends on which package you choose.
No, DORA is free to get set up and therefore requires no major investment.
No, DORA has no hidden fees or transaction costs. However, there may be additional costs if EDIs or other bespoke solutions need to be implemented. Please contact us for more information.
No, on the contrary. DORA supports dispatchers in their work, automates time-consuming work and provides new opportunities to create more value-adding processes.
Yes, you can create invoices that are transferred to and forwarded to your customer through your accounting system. You then simply need to use DORA to send an invoice to your customer.

Yes, DORA automatically calculates the cost of a transport when it is planned in the system, giving you an indication of how profitable the transport demand is.

Yes, DORA generates a loading and unloading list that you can send directly to the driver. The driver also has the option to report an order as picked up/delivered via DORA’s driver access, so that the dispatcher can always track the order’s journey in real time.

Yes, with DORA you get your own web booking that you can give to your customers. So they can book transport with you quickly and easily.

Yes. In addition, you can also use DORA’s analytics tools, which give you many more KPIs to work with alongside earnings. The analytics tools allow you to leverage your own data so it doesn’t go to waste. For example, you can track capacity utilization, CO2 calculations that you can draw on for each customer, administrative objectives, and much more. All data used for calculations is already entered into DORA during scheduling.

DORA is specially designed for rail and road freight transport. It will support you in your busy workday. Would you like to be called by a specialist who knows freight forwarding and haulage?